We are proud of our work

In California and Hawaii, solar power is significantly less in cost per kWh versus the prices you are being charged by your utility. With financing programs requiring no money down, let us at D.A. Solar Inc. change the way you purchase your energy needs forever.

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securing your future

D.A. Solar Inc. is a contractor dedicated to providing the highest quality products with unparalleled customer service.  Our passion for renewables as a viable alternative to reduce energy consumption and save money gives us the satisfaction of playing an important role in helping the environment.

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In house services

Our goal is to make producing your own energy as easy as possible. Getting solar panels up and running on your roof can be an arduous process with lots of paperwork, but at D.A. Solar Inc. we eat paperwork for breakfast. Drawing up plans, pulling permits and filing for rebates? Bring it on.

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getting it right the first time

We only install the best products, the ones that are built to last and produce a guaranteed output. Installations we have done 7 years ago are still performing just as great today versus the day we turned them on. Using these products, sticking to our blueprint seems to boost our credibility in the market place as experts in the technology of an forever changing solar industry..

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Leading installation warranty

D.A. Solar Inc. is committed to 100% client satisfaction. Whether your project ranges from a small ground mount to a 1,000 plus module system for your business, you can expect D.A. Solar Inc. to deliver exceptional service and care to your solar project. Products include 25 year performance warranties backed by our guaranteed 10 workmanship warranty.