Clayton, CA Solar Energy Providers

Since the 1970's, homeowners and businesses in Clayton, CA have been subject to utility rate hikes at an increase of 6.7% a year. D.A. Solar Inc. is a full service solar energy provider that services Clayton, saving our clients thousands of dollars annually from the utility. We pride ourselves for our first class installations, award winning solar modules and inverters. By going solar power with us you can expect to get your greatest return on investment with our solar electric systems. We also offer financing to homeowners in Clayton allowing them to go solar for no money out of pocket which still saves them thousands of dollars for decades. In business for over 7 years, we use our proven solar blueprint for all installations that lead to our success on the Hawaiian Islands and we're excited to bring this model to Clayton, CA. What are you waiting for? Lets start saving you thousands!

Clayton, CA Solar Panel Installation Benefits

  • A solar electric system will save you hundreds of dollars per month, for decades
  • A solar electric system will increase your property value and demand
  • A solar electric system contributes to a cleaner environment

The installation process for your solar electric system in Clayton is just as important as the equipment we use. During the site audit process, D.A. Solar Inc. takes great note of the condition your roof is in and what needs to be done in order for the install to be done most efficiently. This increases quality control and the life span of your roof along with your solar electric system. Clayton has plenty of trees and we want to be fully aware of any possible shading issues, providing multiple design layouts showcasing where the solar panels will go before moving forward with a perfect solar electric system installation. You can trust D.A. Solar Inc. to better predict your return on investment by taking these precautions.