Fairfield, CA Solar Energy Providers

Attention homeowners and businesses in Fairfield, CA! On average your utility costs have gone up 6.7% a year since the 1970's. These electricity rate increases will never go away and by doing nothing your future looks pretty expensive. However, the only current alternative to the utility monopoly is solar energy. D.A. Solar Inc. is proud to service those in Fairfield, CA with solar panel installations and solar energy solutions for your home or business, getting you out from the expensive costs of buying electricity from the utility. In business over seven years, D.A. Solar Inc. has a tried and proven solar energy blueprint that saves our clients the most money and promises the quickest return on investment. We pride ourselves for our first class installations and award winning solar modules guaranteeing our clients their best solar power option. You will save hundreds of thousands of dollars over decades with a D.A. Solar Inc. solar panel installation in Farifield. Let's start saving you money and claim your energy independence today!

Fairfield, CA Solar Panel Installation Benefits

  • Your carbon footprint reduced
  • Eliminate your electric bill from the utility
  • Huge cash flow and savings starting day one
  • Grandfathered into the net-metering program
  • Zero down financing and power purchase agreements available for those who qualify