What To Expect

Our goal is to make producing your own energy as easy as possible. Getting solar panels up and running on your roof can be an arduous process with lots of paperwork, but at DA Solar we eat paperwork for breakfast. Drawing up plans, pulling permits and filing for rebates? Bring it on. As thousands of customers before you have experienced, we’re here every step of the way to ensure the process goes smoothly. You can expect the steps to look like this.


Once the permits are pulled, depending on the size of system the actual installation takes about a week. DA Solar will schedule the installation and before you know it, you’ll have solar panels on your roof.


Once your system is installed, the local city building department and your local utility have to conduct inspections to ensure your system is built to code. Once approved, your utility issues the final approval, called “Permission to Operate”.

Power On!

nce you’ve received your permission, you can turn your system on and start enjoying solar powered energy! We're thankful for your business and we wish you happy savings!

Site Survey Advantage

We can design a preliminary system for you using Google Maps, but there’s only so much we can do via satellite. Once you are approved for solar installation, we’ll send a site survey manager to take a look around. Our site survey manager will get an in-person view of your roof, map the placement of your main electric panel, factor in any shading issues and gauge your required system size. 

Below is an example of a home's usage supplied by an 80% solar system, where 80% of the electricity is being supplied by the solar array and the remaining 20% by the utility company. If you are looking to offset your utility bill or get rid of it altogether, the best way to understand your overall solar option is by talking to a DA Solar Site Survey Manager.

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