Lafayette, CA Solar Energy Providers

Lafayette is a town going solar! The Lafayette Elementary school, Lafayette Library, and others buildings around the city have made the switch to solar. 
With the returns from investment going toward a 20% annually, in conjunction with the price of panels going down in recent years it only makes sense for any local business or home to take advantage of solar power. Whether it's existing infrastructure like the elementary school, or new construction like the library or senior housing project... solar is the answer to our hiking utility rates. Not only is the city locking in the security of their power but is now adding a higher density of locally generated green power to the grid.

You can eliminate or reduce your dependence on the utility company by using a solar electric system designed by D.A. Solar Inc., saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the system. On average, Lafayette, CA utility costs have increased annually at a rate of 6.7% and by going solar with us your solar electric system will pay for itself again and again and again. There is also a 30% federal tax credit, which artificially makes your solar electric system that much less out of pocket and your return on investment that much faster. At D.A. Solar Inc., we use the most trusted equipment in the industry, guarantee a first class installation and a unique sales process that makes understanding solar power and your solar installation easy. Are you ready to start saving thousands?

*Installations pictured were not performed by DA Solar Inc. and are used for demonstration purposes only.

Lafayette, CA Solar Panels Installation Benefits

  • Solar energy will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few decades
  • Solar energy will raise your property's overall value in the marketplace
  • Solar energy will power your home with cleaner energy