Instant cash flow

D.A. Solar Inc. and our finance partners allow customers to own their system from day one and save on their utility bills. Each payment you make not only goes towards paying the system off but saves you money over the financing term. It's just like switching service providers when you're unhappy with your current provider. If you're tired of paying to much for electricity then lets talk!

  • $0 due upfront - Pay nothing on the loan upon installation and own your system from day one.
  • Save on electricity - Customers save over the life of the system by paying less for solar energy than they pay the utility.
  • Get the tax credit - Pay down your loan balance with solar tax credits and state rebates. You only get these available credits and rebates when you purchase your system.
  • Performance warranty - Our warranty package is the best in the industry with a 10 year workmanship warranty and 25 year performance warranty included in REC solar modules.

We're a Registered HERO Contractor

HERO is a government-sponsored program which enables you to finance certain home improvements. HERO provides low fixed-interest rates and payment terms up to 20 years that is then paid back through the property taxes. By financing your solar system with HERO you are essentially locking in your rate for electricity versus paying the inflationary kWh rates PG&E is currently charging you.

  • Easiest way for solar ownership versus leasing a solar system
  • No money down, nothing out of pocket
  • Immediate savings of 30% or more
  • No credit score required
  • Payments are tax deductible
  • PACE financing does not show up on your credit