SUCCESS STORY: THE Robinette Residence

The Robinette residence went solar with us for their energy needs. This solar system will save the homeowners thousands of dollars in rising energy costs for decades. Also, making this solar energy improvement will increase their property value significantly.

  • Save on electricity - Start seeing immediate cash flow. Offsetting the utility bill with solar energy adds up to huge savings over the life of the system.
  • Get the tax credit - 30% tax credit available until 2016. 30% of the system cost can be used to pay down the loan balance. You only get these available credits and rebates when you purchase your system.
  • Performance warranty - We only use the highest quality products that have been tested within the industry for decades. Our systems include a 10 year workmanship warranty and 25 year performance warranty with REC solar modules.
  • A brighter future- Solar energy is a 100% renewable resource, unlike fossil fuels that will eventually run out. By going solar you are helping contribute to a growing industry that increases energy stability.

Why D.A. Solar Inc?

We are proud of our work. Educating our custom ers on their best solar option is what we love to do. In business over seven years, we have a tried and true solar blueprint that maximizes returns for homeowners and businesses. With D.A. Solar, you can have the peace of mind that experience comes with our service.

Solar products that were installed

Ready to go solar?

Going solar opens a new gateway of additional cheap renewable energy for the entire family home. D.A. Solar specializes in greening a home for maximum efficiency to pair with a new solar PV system. This could include an electric car or scooter, emergency battery backup system, electric water heaters, electric pool heaters, appliances and more! To find out more talk with one of our energy consultants about your goals so we match the system size to your perceived future energy usage.

Give us a call (888) 885-6306. We can answer any questions you may have about your solar option, obligation-free. Or have us contact you for a property site analysis. Get a free quote now!

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