San Francisco, CA Solar Energy Providers

D.A. Solar Inc. designs and installs commercial and residential solar power systems for the San Francisco, CA. With over seven years experience in the solar industry, you can rely on D.A. Solar Inc. to provide your San Francisco solar energy needs.

D.A. Solar Inc. brings it's Hawaiian solar energy blueprint for success to San Francisco, giving residences and business owners their greatest return on investment along with maximum savings. On average, San Francisco homeowners have been paying an annual increase of 6.7% a year to their utility company. Currently, solar power is the only option to get out of the utility monopoly and D.A. Solar Inc. is here to help by saving you hundreds of thousands over decades.

San Francisco, CA Solar Panel Installation Benefits

  • Thousands of dollars in annual savings from the utility
  • An attractive return on investment that pays for itself again and again
  • Environmental benefits and the piece of mind you're reducing your carbon footprint
  • Zero down financing and power purchase agreements available for those that qualify

D.A. Solar Inc. will custom design a solar power system for you based on your electricity usage behavior with the utility. Thinking of buying an electric car, adding electric appliances or having kids move out of the home are all factors that determine your solar option. D.A. Solar Inc. typically installs solar power systems that offset the higher tiers you are being charged by the utility and depending on what you have stored for your future we can work that into your solar power system design.