Walnut Creek, CA Solar Energy Providers

How can a solar electric system benefit you in Walnut Creek, CA? Start by looking at the weather, California is a perfect climate for solar energy capture. You can eliminate or reduce your dependence on the utility company by using a solar electric system designed by D.A. Solar Inc., saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the system. On average, Walnut Creek, CA utility costs have increased annually at a rate of 6.7% and by going solar with us your solar electric system will pay for itself again and again and again. There is also a 30% federal tax credit, which artificially makes your solar electric system that much less out of pocket and your return on investment that much faster.  

How are we on pricing? Our solar electric systems in total installation cost are actually much less than the average solar power installer in Walnut Creek, all while using the best equipment in the industry. Local businesses, schools like Nothgate and Mt. Diablo, as well as hundreds of homeowners are already utilizing solar all around the city. Don't wait until the tax benefits and net metering runs out, call us for a free solar estimate today.

Walnut Creek, CA Solar Panel Installation Benefits

  • D.A. Solar Inc. will reduce your utility bill to nothing, saving you thousands of dollars
  • D.A. Solar Inc. will raise your property value and increase it's market demand
  • D.A. Solar Inc. will provide you cleaner energy that benefits all of us