Why D.A. Solar Inc?

The rising cost of electricity and the generous government incentives available have led many businesses to purchase and install a commercial solar electric system for their businesses. You can begin saving significantly on your electricity bill, benefit from government tax credits, and promote a green image for your business by installing a solar electric system today.

Reliabilty & Government Incentives For Solar Electricity

A solar electric system for a business is a great investment for any business. The systems are extremely reliable and have very low operating costs, as the system contains no moving parts and therefore requires almost no maintenance. Solar electric systems have a 30-40 year design life and the solar panels have a 25-year warranty.

A battery bank may be added to your system creating an uninterruptible power system to handle critical loads, such as computers, cash registers, and phone systems, during a power failure.

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Federal Tax Credit For Solar

The most generous incentives for solar today are available for businesses, and especially those with a tax appetite. In addition to a Federal tax credit, many states are now developing their own rebate incentive programs to encourage solar.

Any business that installs a solar electric system on its property is eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit on the total installed cost of the system. In addition to this credit, the business may take advantage of the 5-year accelerated depreciation schedule for the solar system.

California State Solar Rebates and Incentives

California has the most generous state-level incentive for businesses going solar. The California Solar Initiative (CSI) Program offers a cash rebate of approximately 20% of the installed cost of the solar electric system. However, the rebate levels decline over time as more businesses take advantage of the offering. So, if you are considering a solar electric system, it is best to act now to lock in the highest rebate possible.

Many other states are now offering similar rebates and incentives for solar. A complete list of incentives for solar nationwide can be found here: www.dsireusa.org